Who is Alycia Johnson?

IMG_5286Alycia Johnson is the mother of two and the wife of one. She has missed honor roll assemblies, cursed at her children occasionally, lied about many things, cheated many times, zigged when she should have zagged, laughed when she should have cried, broken promises, and dishonored commitments. In spite of all of her shortcomings, she has discovered a unique relationship with God that has helped her to heal her marriage, complete a degree after 20 years, create a home that is welcoming to all, interpret dreams, and hear the voice of God daily.

Alycia has become a master of listening to the rhythm of life and journaling for power and transformation. Spending time in her presence ignites one’s passion to live the full gift of life God has given. It also helps one to come to terms with the following statement, “In God’s economy nothing is ever wasted.” It is her sincere desire to help everyone accept where they are and identify what God is calling them to do. Everyone has a unique purpose and her mission is to share with you the beautiful secrets that lay right before your eyes. Through journaling Alycia teaches you how to ask and receive the life of purpose that has been gifted.

Bring Alycia your broken, disheartened and mediocre thoughts and she will show you how to live your life to its fullest potential!

4 thoughts on “Who is Alycia Johnson?”

  1. Glenda M Thomas said:

    Hi Alycia! I got in on the last few minutes of you on blab tonight. I want to know if you and could work together. I have published several journals and gratitude journals even a man’s journal. I can create a journal just for your group members. coachglenda7@gmail.com

  2. Diane karas said:

    Hello Alycia
    I enjoyed seeing you this Saturday at Riverbend church. When your sight was mentioned you should of seen how quick I was to take note of it. I journal every day about anything and everything.
    In closing let me say you and your husband were a joy to hear today. Blessings to you both.
    Your friend in Christ Diane Karas

    • That’s awesome Diane! It was such a pleasure to be invited. I loved the conference. More than that, I LOVE connecting with fellow “journalers”. Please keep in touch! Luv, AJ

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