lifes purpose

Always Journal…for your life!

Every aspect of your life should represent who you are! If you are working a job just to make the ends meet and you are always dreaming about what you really want to do and be, then you are out of alignment. We are all blessed with a distinct purpose and mission to fulfill while here on earth and most of us are missing the mark. We are all uniquely designed for a distinct task – one that requires the very essence of who you are. Your life should not look like everyone else’s. Your career path should be as individualized as you are! 

We are not all designed to work from nine to five, with a one hour lunch break in between. We are not designed to be at any given place at the same time every day. Arriving to work at 8:30 a.m. every day of the week is absolutely insane. Even the sun rises at different times every day!!!!!!! 

It’s time to wake up and find your life. It’s hidden underneath all the routine and structure we have been forced to incorporate into our daily lives to help it “run” smoothly. All of this routine is making for a bitter and unfilled work force. How beneficial is it to entrust attorneys, legal assistants, doctors, bus drivers, cooks, etc. to manage various aspects of our lives while dreaming about the singer they could have become, the boutique that they are going to open one day, or the book that they are working on? We wonder why companies go out of business and go bankrupt. Without a vision the people will perish. 

When you are operating in complete alignment with your dream, time and space no longer bind.  Everyone can depend on you because you are operating in authenticity and you are in control. Operating in your dream means that you are free to create independent of everyone else’s expectations. You may be drawn to work from 3-6 a.m. and sleep all day. You may have a pull to create for 72 hours non-stop and then crash. You are no longer bound by monitoring sick days and forcing yourself to move when everything in your being is saying BE STILL! Identifying and living from the essence of who you really are will save your LIFE! 

You are not living until your life has a LIFE of its own!