Always Journal knowing what God has given you to do. When an assignment is given directly from God, he is the only blueprint. He is the plan.


Dear Lord,

Help me to be everything that you have created me to be. You have tasked me with the responsibility to help others to identify their God voice. This is my passion. This is my purpose.

You have given me a task for which there is no blueprint. You have given me a project that only you know the outcome in its entirety. Each day I wake up knowing that without your guidance or direction there is absolutely no chance at success.

When you give an assignment, it looks and feels like no one else’s. There is no reference material. There is no competition. There is only me. There is only YOU!

Knowing that I need to hear you clearly helps me to understand even more deeply the importance of being organized. I have to remove all the extraneous clutter from my life so that I can hear you without doubt.

Lord, continue to order my steps.