The other day I was talking to God.

(Yes, God and I do talk regularly.)

During that conversation, I wanted to take some time to REALLY thank God for blessing me. I just kept saying over and over…Thank you God for blessing our marriage…Thank you God for blessing our marriage….thank you God…

You get the idea….:o)

Without going into great detail (that’s a 30 minute YouTube video waiting to happen), my husband and I have experienced some turbulent times over the course of our 18 year marriage and we have now entered a “peaceful” place. I just wanted to thank God for the blessing. I was taught this in church for years. You ALWAYS thank God for blessing you, but what came next stopped me in my tracks.

God’s voice during prayer and mediation is that still small inner knowing that speaks to you when you are quiet.

In that quiet space, the voice gently said, “Alycia, this is not the blessing.”

To which I replied, “WHAT? How could this not be considered a blessing? You know our story. You know what we’ve gone through. This is a blessing! It feels too good and peaceful not be the real deal. I’ve been blessed like this many times before. I KNOW a blessing when I see one.”

Again God’s voice replied, “THIS is not the blessing. This is quite simply an example of just how gentle and loving I am. Alycia, what we have been working on for the past 10 years has been correction. We have spent all this time correcting what you and Mike have misaligned. What you are experiencing is not the blessing, you and Mike have simply been placed in alignment with the blessing. Your excitement about the blessing is equivalent to “false labor”. Do you remember the excitement of your first pregnancy? Towards the end you became so excited about seeing the baby that you misinterpreted the baby’s alignment for birth with that of the actual delivery. The same applies to the blessing. So many people mistake the beauty of correction for the blessing. The blessing comes in a form that is above and beyond what YOU consider to be the blessing. Stop downgrading my blessings to what is simple correction. I am greater than that!”

Whoa! Now, I am beginning to wonder if I have ever truly been blessed.

Over the years I have become so content with accepting God’s correction as the blessing that I never considered the there was something greater!


I think I’ve short-changed myself.

Just a little something to think about as you journal today. :o)

Always Journal Everyday!