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I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Jesus speaks to the Disciples and plainly informs them that trouble will come. The problem lies not with the coming of the trouble, but the fact that we don’t take heart and hold on to the “trouble” too long.

As I consistently mention in my lectures and workshops, I’ve taken one for the team so you don’t have to.

Learn from me.

I’ve journaled for years. In doing so, God has gifted me with the task of learning to identify patterns and cycles so that I in turn can help others identify and navigate problems that, if neglected, can linger for years.

Our story…


My husband and I will celebrate our nineteenth wedding anniversary in August of this year. We have finally reached a place of peace and love towards ourselves and each other. It has taken years for us to reach this place of unity, but it didn’t have to take this long. The initial “problem” began as a simple communication error. Quite simply, I was a communicator and he wasn’t. In its purest form, the problem that we were presented with could have been resolved in a few months if handled with love.

God sends “trouble” to you in the package that you need. My “trouble” doesn’t look like your “trouble”. Each one of us has been placed here to overcome varying degrees of “trouble” so that God can accomplish what He needs to accomplish on this earth through each of us. Your lesson may require that you learn patience, compassion and honesty. My lesson may be one of giving, love and thanksgiving. To accomplish any of our unique lessons, our struggles cannot be the same.

Open communication, prayer, journaling and wise counsel flavored with love could have shaved years off our process. Unfortunately, we took the scenic route.
What began as communication failure, morphed into fifteen agonizing years of lies, betrayal, hate, jealousy…Lifetime movie stuff.

Where we went wrong…


Not understanding that trouble comes to everyone, we took our positions personally and felt that our situation by comparison to others in our circle was an anomaly. We felt we were somehow flawed because all of the other couples we were spending time with were “perfect”.

It’s amazing how retrospect helps you to see clearly almost twenty years later.

Had we taken the time initially and followed the escape plan than God offers with every “problem”, we would have an entirely different story to tell. But, we know that nothing is wasted in God’s economy so its all being used for the good. God is the creator of time and not bound by it. Moving through your trouble quickly is more beneficial to you than God.

If our situation had been handled in it’s purest and rawest form, we could have come to learn the lesson of love, compassion, communication, prayer and completion in a matter of month’s…not years. We handled our problem, not unlike most married couples, by loading it with (anger, revenge, jealously, lies and deceit) preservatives.

We mainly refer to preservatives when we speak of foods that are chemically enhanced to preserve “freshness”. Food in its purest and most natural form will last 3 to 5 days under ideal conditions. Fresh foods, to obtain the maximum absorption of nutrients, should be consumed as closely to harvest as possible. The same applies to our problems. On earth as it is in Heaven. For everything in the natural, there is a parallel and corresponding occurrence in the supernatural. Our problems are to be handled no differently than the foods that we eat. We should consume and process our problems quickly.

The true shelf-life of our problem was probably three months. We preserved it for fifteen years.

We’ve taken one for the team, so you don’t have to!

What preservatives are you using?

Always Journal Everyday!