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Yes you can, but your Spirit needs your body so DON’T DO IT!

When you ask BIG things of God, Heaven expects BIG things from you.

For those of you who have journaled using the 30-Day Journal Program for A New Life , http://www.alwaysjournal.com/ you should be familiar with the understanding that putting your new life in order requires that you reverse the old.

Well, it is this reversal process that sets EVERYTHING in motion.

Up until your commitment to change, your life had been moving consistently in one direction. When you reverse the direction, like two wind tunnels moving towards each other, your two lives collide. It is in the space between the meeting of the two worlds, that ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Do Not Be Discouraged. Be excited!

Your transition is VERY NEAR!

We have been taught in “this” world that if you want something done well, you do it yourself. AND, if something is not completed to your satisfaction, you write a letter of complaint and kick and scream until “you” begin to see results.

Well, Heaven does not exactly work that way.

Ask and it will be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. We say this. We believe this. We think we know this, but when the rubber meets the road and we are tested in these very areas we often flounder and fail because we are unclear on WHO is doing the asking, WHO is doing the seeking, WHO is knocking and WHO is opening the door.

Asking God for anything, requires that you reach from a Higher place. The “you” who is asking is much bigger than the “you” who is currently in position to receive.


I teach the process and I live the process. I’ve taken one for the team, so you don’t have to. Learn from me!

I’ve asked God for HUGE life changing blessings and Heaven responded yes!

I was not instructed when it would happen, how it would happen or where it would happen. I was only assured that it would be done. This request was made in 2009.

The six years following have been dedicated to preparing myself for the manifestation of the BLESSING. Signs of life began to show everywhere. Synchronicities began to happen left and right. My marriage was healing, the children were doing well, friendships were good and THEN…ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Needless to say, God had some ‘splainin to do. I was floored. Rocked to my core. All of the efforts I had put into this process and now this! What was it all for?

My journal entry read:


What is this all about? Am I just a puppet on a string for you? Do you find amusement in my radical obedience? Does Heaven mock me and my efforts? If everything that you have requested that I do, was a joke and for shear cosmic entertainment then I don’t want to be here anymore.


All the God “winks”, all the synchronicities, all the radical obedience.


This is not the type of God I want to serve.



After my week long hiatus. (TRANSLATION: Week long admission to the hospital. I had a breakdown!)

I returned home to the SAME situation I left. I just KNEW that after “checking out” and playing “the crazy card” everyone would straighten up and fly right.

NOPE. Did not happen.

So, once again I returned to my journal and this time I asked God what ALL of this really about?

The response was PRICELESS.

God is not moved by anger. God is not moved by tantrums. God is not moved by crazy.

Only FAITH moves God!

You see, up until that point, I had not realized that the “ME” who had made the initial request was not the “ME” who was in line to receive the request.

All those years of radical obedience, synchronicities, God winks, etc…had made me much stronger that I used to be. I had seen enough of God, learned enough of HIS ways, experienced enough of His love to know that a promise is a promise and that what you see in the natural matters not, when you know that God is working behind the scenes.

Because I didn’t give up and didn’t give in, the blessings are NOW truly springing forth. And the same is in store for you.

To hear the rest of the story and to find strength for your journey, join us every Sunday night, beginning July 12th, from 8-9p for support through this life changing journaling process.

It’s fun, if done in community!


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